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Play Better Golf Today

The golf swing is a puzzle that you will never truly figure out, but with patience and practice we can get you shooting lower scores in no time.  Matt's teachings are story based with a touch of the Science of Sports.  From pitching a baseball to hitting a homerun, his tips and techniques are easy to understand and implement. 


Fundamentals, Fundamentals

At the Matt Robbins Golf School, we are not selling you on one swing fits all, we understand that each swing is different.  

We focus on the 4 key elements of a golf swing that will get you shooting your lowest scores.

1.  Weight Distribution

2.  Swing Plane

3.  Club Face Angle

4.  Balanced Finish

Meet Matt


Matt Robbins - Certified PGA Professional

Rated 1 of Americas the Top 100 Golf Instructors

Junior Programs Available

This program is designed to provide Junior golfers with a consistent routine that will give them the fundamentals to build a golf swing that will last a lifetime.


Brian C.

I had a tendency to over think my swing, resulting in poor execution and high scores. Matt helped me focus on the fundamentals which resulted in a more consistent swing and lower scores. Golf has become fun again

Mikele D.

His lessons are simple and easy to understand, he seems to know my swing as though I've been going to him for years.

George M.

After working with Matt to improve my swing fundamentals I was able to drive the ball 50 yards further using much less effort.

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